Plexidor UK Dog Doors  Medium - Wall Mount

Plexidor UK Dog Doors Medium - Wall Mount

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  • Probably the most indestructible dog doors
  • Introducing dog door panels with shatter resistant properties
  • Anodised aluminium for a more dependable frame
  • Comes along with a steel security plate with a cylinder key lock system
  • Made from long-lasting materials preventing unwanted part replacements
  • Inclusive of a 5-year residential warranty 

Opening: 30.4cm x 23.9cm (12"h x 9"w)
Cut Hole: 34.1cm x 29.1cm (13.5"h x 11.5"w)
Overall: 39.6cm x 35.8cm (15.25"h x 13.75"w)

It would have been better if your dog door panels have the right fit for your dog. It cannot be too small or too large as it can sometimes cause accidents. Medium breed dogs such as poodles, shih tzus, beagles, cocker spaniels, terriers, and dachshunds must be given an outdoor access appropriate to their size and built. That’s why PlexiDor Dog Doors offer the Plexidor Medium Wall Unit for all types of medium-sized dog breeds for up to 18 kg of body weight. It has a width of 229 mm and a height of 305 mm, giving your beloved breed a space that’s wide enough to pass through without getting caught up.

Unbreakable Dog Door Panels

Knowing that the medium breeds are very playful, you cannot risk installing easily broken dog panels as it could impose serious risks on your pet. Considering this, PlexiDor Medium has used shatter-resistant panels which provides added safety for your dog while allowing them to go in and out with the slightest effort of pushing the panel. Without a bang, the panels gently close itself after your pet has completely passed through.

Solid Aluminium Wall Unit Frames

PlexiDor Dog Doors have frames made of indestructible materials such as anodised aluminium for both exterior and interior sides allowing it to withstand even the harshest weather condition. 

Promotes Protection and Security

Dog panels for medium breeds are big enough to let unwanted intruders, such as big rats and stray cats, With such entrance, they can easily make their way through your house without your supervision. To prevent this, PlexiDor Medium Wall Unit installation includes a steel security plate which can be locked only from the inside, making you feel at ease during night time or when you leave the house for vacation. 

Cost Effective

PlexiDor Medium is therefore, a convenient way to allow your pets to go outdoors to relieve themselves or play out in the yard. It is cost-effective since you’ll only have to install it once and you can use it for a very long time without having to replace anything such as flaps or frames.

Free Return, Replacement or Refund

Remember that you are free to return the item within 14-days from purchase date as PlexiDor Pet Doors fully guarantee your utmost satisfaction. You are even covered by 5-year residential warranty for your own convenience.


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