Keeping Your Dog Safe While Traveling in the Car

Traveling with your dog can be a lot of fun, but before you jump into the car with your furry friend, you should know how to keep him safe during the ride. With small dogs, they might be more content to lie in your lap during the ride, but this is as safe as driving with a small child in your lap. Just like you would buckle your child before heading out, you should do the same for your dog.  The best place for your dog to be during a car ride is in a crate strapped to the back...

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How To Choose Dog Bed For Car Boot

As a car and pet owner at the same time, you probably often ask yourself: how to protect your car and create a comfortable space for your pet in a vehicle at the same time? It is especially burning and important issue for those, who travel a lot with the four-legged friends. In this article, we would like to give you some tips on choosing the best dog bed for car boot and provide a review of a couple dog beds that might be a good option both for you and your pet. So what the exact factors you should...

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The Plexidor Dog Door: Key Things To Consider Before Buying

For the last 30 years, PlexiDor has been leading or takeing part in a vigorous campaign for social, political, or religious changes for pets.  The PlexiDor dog door product is one of the most important developments of a team that has worked very closely with pet owner’s requirement around the World to design and engineer a strong, safe and energy efficient pet door and the result is a good product you can also depend on for many years of trouble-free use for your pets. You can choose according to your pets requirement whether it is Plexidor dog door - wall...

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